Das neue Buch von Claus Mattheck und Kollegen „Klimafester Baum?: Biomechanische Anpassung der Baumwurzel an den Trockenstress“ ist als e-book erschienen. >>mehr

New publications on education

Two new publications on education in biomimetics have been published open access.

Masselter et al. 2021 present meshed actuators inspired by the erectile movement of recent plants and fossil records. >>article

Poppinga et al. 2021 provide simple handcrafted models based on paper, wood and plastic foil for „hands-on-understanding“ of plant movements. >>article

Internship offer @ Laboratory UMR MAP MAACC CNRS Paris, France

Subject: New research avenues of bio-inspired/biomimeticmaterials for sustainable architecture and construction framework
Internship leaders: Natasha Heil(MAP MAACC CNRS)
Internship duration: Two months, starting from July2021
Internship location: Onlinebase
Remuneration: 500 € per month

Internship objectives:
The internship is part of a new research framework on bio-inspired/biomimetic materials for sustainable architecture and construction at UMR MAP MAACC CNRS laboratory, Paris. In order to propose new research avenues on this framework, we need to review existing case studies, understand ongoing projects and identify problematics and the needs of bioinspired architectural and architected material domains. Bioinspiration in conjunction with new digitally based design and fabrication methods is starting to transform both disciplines, architecture and materials science, towards a fundamentally novel approach. Initially for this framework, we envisage to publish an article and elaborate a project proposal on this subject at the end of this year 2021/ beginning of next year 2022.

Internship contents:
– Supporting screening and collecting of information from supervisors’ guidelines (The internship will be supervised by Petra Gruber and NatashaHeil)
– Researching and reviewing of paper
– Categorizing, writing short summaries and preparing power point presentations
– Collecting references and case studies of bio-inspired material in architecture and construction

Profile of the candidate:
Good knowledge in Bio-inspired/biomimetics, material sciences for architectural design and construction. Excellent in English written language

Application materials:
CV, Portfolio or research achievements, Certificates or transcript

Contact: Natasha Heil: natasha.heil@map.cnrs.fr, natasha.heil@outlook.com

Der ARD-Beitrag „Schnelle Pflanzen“ in W wie Wissen stellt die Forschung der Plant Biomechanics Group Freiburg zum Thema Pflanzenbewegungen und Bionik vor. >> zum Beitrag

Thomas Becker vom MDR Thüringen führte ein Interview mit Prof. Thomas Speck (Universität Freiburg)  zum Thema „Lernen vom Efeu heißt klettern lernen“.  >>mehr

The internal think tank of ESA, Advanced Concept Team, is looking for a research fellow (PostDoc) in biomimetics. >> Job description

Special Issues on Biomimetics

Some Special Issues with a focus on biomechanics and biomimetics are open for submission:

Falk Tauber  and Barry W Fitzgerald have written a paper about „How to build a synthetic digestive system for Marvel’s Vision“ in the Journal Superhero Science and Technology.

PhD offer @ Uni Freiburg

The livMats Cluster of Excellence is offering a PhD position:

  • Topic: Mechanical Metamaterials that can adapt and learn
  • Part-time position (65 %), Envisaged start-date: 15 May 2021
  • For questions about the project, please contact Dr. Viacheslav Slesarenko at viacheslav.slesarenko@livmats.uni-freiburg.de

>> more

Exibition: The Machine Inside

The Field Museum, Chicago, shows the exibition „The Machine Inside: Biomechanics“. In this exhibition, meet scientists who investigate these plants and animals …more

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