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Special Issue on societal implications

Call for papers: The journal „Technology in Society“ is publishing a special issue on „Societal Implications of Bioinspired Technologies: Perspectives of Sustainability, Psychology, Philosophy and Ethics“. The submission deadline is 1 November 2023. >> More

Metastudie zur Bionik

Vincent Gerbaud et al. haben eine Metastudie zur Bionik publiziert: Gerbaud, V., Leiser, H., Beaugrand, J., Cathala, B., Molina-Jouve, C., & Gue, A. M. (2022). Bibliometric survey and network analysis of biomimetics and nature inspiration in engineering science. Bioinspiration & Biomimetics, 17(3), 031001. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1088/1748-3190/ac4f2e

Neuerscheinung: Klimafester Baum?

Das neue Buch von Claus Mattheck und Kollegen „Klimafester Baum?: Biomechanische Anpassung der Baumwurzel an den Trockenstress“ ist als e-book erschienen. >>mehr

Special Issues on Biomimetics

Some Special Issues with a focus on biomechanics and biomimetics are open for submission: „Bridging the Gap: From Biomechanics and Functional Morphology of Plants to Biomimetic Developments“ @ Biomimetics until 30th September 2021 „Biomimetic Process and Pedagogy“ @ Biomimetics until 1st December 2021

Superhero Science and Technology

Falk Tauber  and Barry W Fitzgerald have written a paper about „How to build a synthetic digestive system for Marvel’s Vision“ in the Journal Superhero Science and Technology.

Special Issues

Some Special Issues with a focus on biomechanics and biomimetics are open for submission: „Artificial Muscle Actuators for Bioinspired Mechanisms“ @ Bioinspiration & Biomimetics until 31st December 2020 „Plant Biomechanics“ @ International Journal of Molecular Sciences until 15th October 2020 „Bioinspired Architectural and Architected Materials“ @ Bioinspiration & Biomimetics until 15th January 2021 „Living Machines: […]


Die Deutsche Akademie der Technikwissenschaften hat in der  Reihe acatech DISKUSSION einen deutschen und englischen Band zum Thema „Materialforschung: Impulsgeber Natur – Innovationspotenzial biologisch inspirierter Materialien und Werkstoffe“ bzw. „Materials Research: Inspired by Nature – Innovation Potential of Biologically Inspired Materials“ herausgegeben. >> download

Living root bridges @ CNN

The article India’s Meghalaya „living root bridges“ get stronger as the trees grow written by Katie Hunt for CNN presents the scientific research of Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Ludwig (TU Munich, Germany) and collegues based on the publication Ludwig, F., Middleton, W., Gallenmüller, F., Rogers, P. & Speck, T. (2019): Living bridges using aerial roots of […]

Berufsfeld Bionik

Im Infodienst für Berufe in Umwelt und Natur ist ein Heft zum Thema „Berufsfeld Bionik“ erschienen. >>mehr

Natual History Collections

Naural history museum collections may extend the treasure trove of biological role models for transfer into bioninspired and biomimeric solutions. Green et al. (2019) published a review in BioEssays entitled „Natural History Collections as Inspiration for Technology“. >>Article

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