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Lotusan – the greener, the cleaner?

In diesem open access Artikel wird eine vergleichende Nachhaltigkeitsbewertung der bionischen Fassadenfarbe Lotusan® mit der konventionellen Farbe Jumbosil® vorgestellt. Verschiedene Szenarien werden präsentiert, die wesentlichen Einfluss auf das Gesamtergebnis haben. >>Artikel lesen (englisch)


There does no comparable book exist dealing with bio-inspired construction technology and architecture in the depth and width as this book „Biomimetic Research for Architecture and Building Construction Biological Design and Integrative Structures“ (editors: Knippers, Jan; Nickel, Klaus G.; Speck, Thomas). The book provides first results of Collaborative Research Center SFB-TRR 141 ‘Biological Design and […]

Wenn Risse sich selbst heilen

Im Tagesanzeiger erschienen: Wissenschaftler entwickeln Materialien, die sich ohne oder fast ohne menschlichen Eingriff selbstständig reparieren… >> mehr lesen

Ei, Ei, Ei … @ Interface

The publication „Nature’s technical ceramic: the avian eggshell“ provides insight into the underlying mechanics by evaluating both macroscopic and microstructu- ral features. >> more

Bioinsp. Biomim. Highlights 2015

A collection of papers published in Bioinspiration & Biomimetics 2015 are free to read until 31 December 2016 >> more

Review: Superhydrophobic surfaces

W. Barthlott, M. Mail and C. Neinhuis published a review about „Superhydrophobic hierarchically structured surfaces in biology: evolution, structural principles and biomimetic applications“ in Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A 2016 374 20160191; DOI: 10.1098/rsta.2016.0191. Published 27 June 2016

Dolphin’s Ring Bubbles

Dolphins can expel air from their blowhole to form ring bubbles. Most talented dolphins are likely to anticipate their action by both adjusting a suitable air pressure inside their lungs and controlling their muscular flap for an adequate opening timing of their blowhole. … >> more

Biomimetics — Open Access Journal

Biomimetics (ISSN 2313-7673) is an international open access journal regarding biomimetics research which published quarterly online by MDPI. Scope: Biomimetics invites submissions on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to: Nanotribology, nanomechanics, micro/nanoscale studies Plant biomechanics Tissue engineering Biomimetic mechanism & design Biomedical science Biomimetic Robotics Biofabrication and characterisation Bio-inspired, biomedical and […]

Folding in and out

Bioinspiration & Biomimetics Highlights of 2015 presents an article with a new mechanism for passive wing morphing of flapping wings inspired by bat and bird wing morphology. >> more

Flapping Wings

The authors Amanda K Stowers and David Lentink present a new mechanism for passive wing morphing of flapping wings inspired by bat and bird wing morphology. The article „Folding in and out: passive morphing in flapping wing“ is one of the Highlights of 2015  published in Bioinspiration & Biomimetics. >>read article

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